How To Make Money

Earn Money Online from Internet at home in india and in pakistan 

Can You Make Money From InterNet ?

Yes, You can make money from internet without investment, up to 200$ Dollars per month

After Searching a lot I was got the idea that can i make money from internet, there was a 1st method that i got is PTC (Paid To Click). i was got enough money from ptc site, when i got too much money  from ptc then i start to Selling and Buying Dollars to get the Referrals and golden accounts.
After that i try to learn web Designing, i search a lot of tutorials from YouTube and finally i became a web Designer then i search fro How to Make Make Money from my website /Blog and then start making money from my website without investment.
OK Guys Come to point there are many ways to make money online from internet.
But i am introducing you that 3 easy and most popular ways to earn money online.

1. Earn Money From PTC
2. Earn Money From Your Website (Ad Network)
3. Earn Money By GPT

1. PTC Sites

mean get paid to click, (aap ne sirf ads per click kerna hy aur aapko us ke paisey milen gy). PTC is very popular method to earn money. you just have to view ads on website that is just 30 sec at least, and then you will get some cents to view ads Read Below

If you view 1 ad daily you will get $ 0.001 per day and if you view 4 ads daily you will get $ 0.004 per day and if you view 30 ads per day you will get $ 0.030 thats mean you will $ 0.90 per month and that is to low.

so can i increase my income by ptc, yes you can boost your income by ptc sites.

How Can i Increase my income by ptc

you can increase your earning from ptc site with this method
Get the Reffrals and boost your earning.
What is Refferals
Reffrals mean if you invite someone to join ptc and earn money if he will signup you will get 50% earning by him. which mean from 1 website

  • if you get 1 reffral and he click on 30 ads per day
  • 30 ads = 0.90 $ per month
  • you commission = 0.45$ per month
  • and your total earning per month by 1 reffral is = 1.35$ (150 Rs)
  • and if you will get 20 Reffrals then your earning will = 10$ (900 Rs) per month
  • and if you have 100 Reffrals then your earning will  =  46$ (4300 Rs) per month
  • and more and more raffrals you will get more Income
  • from 3 websites you can earn  130$ (12000 Rs) per month

That is it now the question is that i will get money
increase reffrals to share your reffrals link in facebook, yahoo, twitter etc

How to receive Money from ptc sites

Now the time is to get payment in my pocket but how
there is Payza (for pakistani) and paypal (for indian and rest) is the inter banks which provide you facility to get payment from internet in your bank or debit card
when you will get money at least 2$ you can get money in your payza account.
Signup Below For Payza

now you will be able to get payment.

1.  you can sell Dollars to me and i will send you payment via
  easyload - easy paisa - bank
2. you can send money from your payza to your debit card

Now just signup below ptc sites there are 3 ptc sites click 1 by 1 and start making money today
these ptc sites are too much trusted and online since 5 years ago




WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

After registration goto your email box and check they send you a verification code just copy that code and put it on box and you will verfied

2. Ad network 

is a source to earn money from your website or blogs. here are site that you have to register and post ads on your website and get paid

To Get A website Contact Me Here:

Top Best Ad network to earn money from my website

2. Bidvertiser
3. Edomz
4. Infolinks

1. is a source to short your urls after short your urls post it on your blogs or share this source is perfect for downloading blogs. i will post payment proofs soon

signup for

2. Bidvertiser is a website link as adsense which gives you a banner codes after signup . post theme into you blogs when anyone will click on your banners you will get money from them.
bidvertiser is most highest paying website like as adsense.

signup for bidvertiser below

3. Edomz is website that provide you popup ads to earn money from your website
and that is best website to earn money by your blog i am using it too

signup now for edomz
After creating account you will they will review your application and after approving you will be able to put codes into your blogs.

4. Infolinks is text linking advertising website that allow you to put code on your website and it will auto attach links with text and when any will click on it you will get paid..
Signup For Infolinks

3. GPT Sites

Means get paid to complete tasks which mean you just have to complete taks and surways and you will get payment after completing your job.
that is miuntworkers . its also require payza to get money 1st signup above for payza and and then signup on
Click Here to Register on Minutworkers
After registration goto your email box and check they send you a verification code just copy that code and put it on box and you will verfied
click on avaible jobs and complete the jobs then you will get money enjoy

Need Any Help Please Post Comment Below..